About Us

Opened in February 2015 as a result of an investment of about 10 million euros, SCIENT is a Research Center for Instrumental Analysis that includes 10 laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology run by highly qualified analysts.

From scientists with specializations in various areas of the SCIENT team to the variety of techniques at their disposal, SCIENT is the ideal solution for research in instrumental analysis.

Research projects, development of instrumental analysis methods, and specialized training are the main objectives of the Research Center. SCIENT holds a conference room with a capacity of 80 seats, where it initiates and organizes seminars on various topics with applicability in various industries such as: pharmaceutical industry, agribusiness, food industry, environment.





To develop fundamental research and research projects applied in chemistry and biochemistry that improve the quality of life of the Romanian people.Nurture the next generation of specialists in instrumental analysis.


SCIENT – Regional Leader in Private Research and Specialized Training for Instrumental Analysis.


Professionalism | Responsibility | Patriotism | Innovation and Creativity | Pro-activity | Vision on the Future.


The project provides a significant contribution to promoting sustainable development and equal opportunities by:

  • facilitating the realization of specific researches in areas of first importance to the individual such as health, environmental protection, food security, which will lead to important application results;
  • through an optimal technical solution in relation to the different types of consumables necessary for the completion of the project and in relation to the specific needs of people with disabilities;
  • through human resource policies focused on competence and equal opportunities;




Our building is located on DN 1, on the direction of Bucharest – Ploiesti, about 500 m after leaving Saftica, on the right side of the road, being easily visible even at night. Do not worry about losing it! If it happens, give us a call and we’ll help you get to us quickly and safely.





Cromatec Plus SRL offers its customers personalized services resulting in an integrated solution.

It has been found that more and more customers of the company need analysis and testing services for various complex situations that occur periodically (testing the degree of migration of lead and cadmium to different foods, testing the Salmonella in certain foods, analyzing Pollution with certain chemical substances in a zone, determination of sodium nitrite in meat preparations, etc.). In this context, the use of analysis and testing equipment by these clients becomes ineffective given that the situations in question imply some degree of innovation in terms of the test method for the particular situation, including optimal use of equipment and sample preparation.

Thus, conducting a process of innovation with highly qualified human resources in each particular situation for which another method is required is not a viable alternative for the beneficiaries (environmental protection agencies, public health directorates, etc.) – because the structure and the costs would add up to a lot.

In this context, an efficient solution is to use the services of a specialized research-development-innovation center to develop test methods for each particular situation. And so the idea of creating the SCIENT Research Center for Instrumental Analysis was born.



At the same time, Cromatec noticed the interest and the growing need of consultants in the field of customized analysis methods and techniques to meet the needs of the customers while at the same time streamlining the equipment they use, a very rare service on the Romanian market, but also in the neighboring region in countries like Bulgaria or Serbia. Cromatec has also identified another service that could meet the needs of customers who are active in the “Measurement-Testing” field or for which this area is an indispensable component, namely integrated training for methods and analysis techniques dedicated to applications such as environmental quality control, food safety, petrochemical industry, etc. This type of training is not offered by other competitors, giving it a competitive advantage to Cromatec. In Romania, training for instrumental analysis methods and techniques is offered for a fee, generally by international equipment manufacturers, and is intended for its own distributors, end-users not having such services. Additionally, equipment manufacturers do not provide dedicated training for specific sectors, but rather offering trainings on the occasion of launching new equipment models.

Nowadays, the research activity in the field of instrumental analysis in our country takes place mainly in the Research Institutes and in the Universities where, due to the economic conjuncture, the correlation of the four key factors for the efficient achievement of the research results is found at a low level.


The four determinants for optimal results in the field of “Measurement-Testing” sector research are:

  • Last generation equipment and equipment that delivers high performance and a variety of options.
  • Specialized personnel using the infrastructure:¬†researchers;
  • Specialized personnel that model the parameters of the technical infrastructure:¬†instrumental analysis specialists;
  • Performant management¬†that closely monitors market need and provides feedback to drive research